Vision in the literal world carried on to another scenery, of snow terrain, barely palpable - admirably wooden. The collection inspires from snow cladded mountains, the science of the nature in its most monochromatic appearance. I have explored age old techniques like tie and dye , crochet in an new innovative engendered way. Fabrics such as Chanderi combined with Italian crepes . joining hands of Indian traditions with western techniques and silhouettes.




Through this collection, Bloni attempts to reinterpretgender norms and attain equality. To explore the concept of Transmutationwithin ourselves and the outside.

To being neutral amongst ourselves and live sustainably with our environment byomitting plastic from within and outside. The collection is named “Neutrois”which symbolizes the wrath of all the atrocities experienced by humans of theworld due to biological, cultural, and aesthetic differences. Did we ever thinkof the aftermath, of our collective actions? This is a slow beginning to ourown end and that’s what my collection brings forth. A gender identity isneither male nor female, but neutral.

AW 18

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Bloni "O"